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AI-Empowered Digital Health

Innovative Group Healthcare


Caretia cares about your group's health. We've launched a comprehensive and affordable healthcare plan with various benefits to your staff and members.  The all-in-one cost-saving AI solution provided by Caretia help saving cost and improve productivity.   Our plan is especially suitable for SMEs and Start-ups.

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AI Health Assistant

ynurse AI nurse assistant always online

ynurse from Caretia is a mobile nurse assistant to provide AI-powered nursing system plus real-life professional care experts to answer any healthcare enquiries you may have, anytime and anywhere.  Our preliminary diagnosis tool would be very helpful to offer the required healthcare support to your team. 


Mobile Application

Customisable and Personalised Health Plan

Caretia is an AI-powered mobile digital health assistant to empower and motivate enterprise and group healthcare experience.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Get Moving!

Build a healthier & happier team

Happily designed daily exercises to improve health and well-being of your team.  Simply follow the guideline every day to improve health and work efficiency.  Members can earn and redeem CarePoints, boosting team morale. 

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Extensive Healthcare Network with Discount Offers

Members enjoy various special offers for outpatient, specialist, physiotherapy and other medical and healthcare services.  Many more attractive discounts on healthcare services and products to come.   At Caretia, we care your team together with you.

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Caretia Group Healthcare Plan

 A new era of group medical card
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Healthcare exercises to follow

Encourage your team to stay healthy and improve productivity by follow various seven-day health and wellness programs.  What's more, they can earn and redeem CarePoints!

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Remote Medical Support

Anytime & Anywhere to access electronic membership card by Caretia Mobile APP. Available on Android and iPhone.  Get the mobile app today.

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Electronic Membership Card

AI nurse assistant ynurse + support from Caretia's thousands of professional  healthcare experts to provide comprehensive medical and nursing support by accessing from our Mobile App remotely.

 Extensive healthcare and wellness benefits

Your team will enjoy attractive offers on medical and wellness services up to 50% discount with full coverage across the region.


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